Irrespective of whether you are a serious rock climber or beginner rock climber then you can definitely reap some serious health benefits by participating in this sport. The purpose of rock climbing is to not only help you build muscles and strengthen you but also rock climbing is beneficial for our brain and mental health. It is known to reduce stress. It has positive outcomes on mental strength. Rock climbing is of many types and each of them is really beneficial for our mind and body. Rock climbing is of two main types: indoor rock climbing and outdoor rock climbing. Both of them have their own advantages. Other types of rock climbing are bouldering, sport climbing, soloing, traditional climbing, and ice climbing. Rock climbing is a really beneficial sport and many people from all over the world are interested in this sport since ancient times. For some people it is a source of entertainment while for others it's their passion. Some people are involved in rock climbing because they know it's essential for their mind and body. Dresden daytrip is also popular.

Benefits of Rock Climbing

Rock climbing will provide you a total body workout During a rock climbing, you must expect to engage your abdominals, obliques, deltoids, biceps, trapezius muscles, latissimus dorsi , quadriceps, calves and even your fingers. Plus, rock climbing also provides a cardiovascular workout which would increase your body’s heart rate, with a similar calorie burn of running an 8–11 minute mile. Moreover, a paty study has shown that in children, rock climbing can elicit similar energy expenditure as in other cardiovascular activities such as stair climbing, jogging and sports activities.

Because of the overall cardiovascular workout associated with rock climbing, the benefits of rock climbing are more than muscle tone. More health benefits of rock climbing include the decrease in risk of certain chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, cholesterol, high BP, and diabetes. People suffering from developmental coordination disorder, dyspraxia, may also get benefitted from the muscle development benefits of rock climbing.

Mental Health and Wellness Benefits

Because of the complexity of rock climbing, other popular skills such as problem-solving, hand-eye coordination and judgement have also been developed and enhanced. Rock climbing also provides people the ability to conquer fears, build confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness, all of these at the time of developing social connections. Stress levels would also decrease because of the release of norepinephrine and exposure to higher levels of Vitamin D.

Safety of Rock Climbing

Participation in any kind of sport involves certain risks and in rock climbing you may suffer from fractures, sprains, and strains. Just like in any diet or health program you must speak to your trainer to get to know about the best plan for yourself. You must work with a certified trainer because a certified trainer would have all knowledge about rock climbing. If you live in Dresden then you can go for day trips from Dresden and enjoy rock climbing on your trip as well if you are interested.