Email automation is a productive replacement for a marketer or in-house manager. The system creates triggers for communication with clients, which work in an automatic mode. Let’s see what is email automation list includes offline communication with customers and learning about their behavior. Efficiency increases when you use free email validation so your customer base stays up to date.

This allows you to quickly make unique offers, notify of discounts, conduct all stages of the sales process, and more.

The tool increases business income and allows you to pay maximum attention to each client.

What is Email Automation?

Email automation is triggered when a predefined trigger occurs.

Example: a letter with specific content is sent when ordering a product or paying for it. This is the answer to the question, what is email marketing automation and what is needed for a successful email campaign.

The tools increase conversions and drive additional orders. Statistics indicate that the system increases repeat purchases and company recommendations.

The set of tools can be anything, depending on the needs of a particular business.

Benefits of email automation

Analyzing the effectiveness of the system and the feedback from its users, 4 main advantages of email automation were highlighted. After figuring out what is an automation email, consider the business benefits:
  • Personalization. Tailored offers based on the preferences of each customer increase the click through to product pages by 11%. Studies have also shown that 90% of customers find this approach convenient. Advertising only offers what can potentially interest an individual.
  • New standards. Email automation allows you to quickly handle customer bases with thousands or more contacts. Even a large team of professional managers cannot be compared with it. The scope of work will not be limited by human resources and time.
  • Increase in labor productivity. Automated execution of tasks that were previously done manually saves 6 or more hours per week. Saved time can be spent productively, increasing business income.
  • Customer retention. Automation provides new opportunities for communication with customers. More lively contact increases brand credibility by making the customer feel important to the company.

Email automation helps integrate the user into the business. The prescribed algorithms allow you to quickly respond to certain actions, keep in touch in the event of prolonged inactivity on the part of the buyer, and more.

Using email automation to grow your business

Trigger – binding response to a specific event. The company can set up sending emails with specific content on a specific date or in response to contact activity.

The system will unload managers, who can now focus their efforts on other effective tasks. This is the technology that all companies will switch to in the future.

Improving the efficiency of email automation

The tools used in automation have a direct impact on the income generated. To be productive, we recommend the following three tips:
  • Letters with useful content. Some areas of business have a long user transition from potential customers to actual customers. Regular emails with useful content always increase interest in the company’s product. Example: If a person is reluctant to spend money, you can send him a gift certificate or a discount coupon. The system will track the needs of an individual, and the prescribed scenarios will help persuade him to buy.
  • Collection of additional, useful information about the buyer. These emails in conjunction with targeting will allow you to learn valuable information about the user and use it for a better offer. Example: set up triggers based on the user’s activity on the site or his tendency to use bonus coupons.
  • A strategic approach to discounts. It is not necessary to lower the price of the item to persuade a potential customer to make a purchase. In this case, the business will lose income, since all customers (even those who did not need to be persuaded) will take advantage of the offer. An individual coupon will increase conversions among people who are less inclined to spend money.

A business will increase its potential customer base 3, 4 times, or more. These are the reasons why the experts recommend automate email and for best performance we recommend that you remember to check your email addresses for up-to-dateness.

Start building relationships with customers

Email automation is an effective tool for building an audience and attracting new people to a product.

Tasks are executed in the background, which reduces labor costs for staff. Using email automation tool the system allows you to productively communicate with new visitors and regular customers.

Tip: You need to verify emails regularly. It will help eliminate additional costs. The service will exclude from the database people whose contacts are no longer relevant.