The year 2020 added new words and phrases we never thought about before to our dictionaries, such as Covid, PPE, social distancing, and many more. But the randomly buzzed word is Face Shield Mask. Captured in this tough pandemic situation, it's a must for medical and other emergency service personnel to protect themselves from biological splatter. This is where face shields provide a helping hand extending the usefulness of a face mask, and with a widely spreading viral pandemic, the demand for Infectious Disease Control shields has increased worldwide.

Types of Face Shield

  • Headband Face Shield
  • Food-grade Plastic Shield
  • Disposable Face Shield
  • Wide Face Shield
  • Gaiter
  • Pivot Face Shield
  • Face Shield with built-in goggles

In these Covid situations, people, especially with breathing problems, prefer wearing a face shield too. Headband Face Shield is the most comfortable and widely used one. If you are a health care worker, the Point of Care Testing (POCT) biomedical face shield from the smart medical buyer will help you fight your battle in comfort.

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Not only do the common people or the Health Care Workers possess high infection risks, but pregnant women hold death threats too. A recent publication by Sir Deepak Modi (NIRRH, Mumbai) concludes various pregnancy outcomes along with newborn complications and Maternal-Fetal transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in women with covid-19. Prevention is always a better step than depending on the cure. If you are pregnant or in case, feel like there might be high chances, take a test right away with Acon Pregnancy Test Kit and prepare yourself for the battle positively.

Various professional using Face Shields include-

  • Lab Technicians
  • Healthcare
  • Foodservice
  • Manufacturing
  • Painting
  • Construction, etc.

If you are a Health care worker, then it's important for you to encourage your team to wear masks and face shields as an extra precaution is greatly appreciated.

Tips for cleaning your plastic face shield

Use antibacterial wipes to clean the front portion from top to bottom with one wipe and repeat the process for the back portion too. It’s important to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds once you finish cleaning your face shield.

Are plastic face shields good?

Even though plastic face shields can be disinfected easily and help in easy breathing, you shouldn't forget to wear a surgical cotton mask that covers your nose and mouth beneath it for extra precautions as the droplets can make through the sides and bottom.

Every little step you take makes a difference. Thus, you need to play your part well. Till the research is being carried out, make sure you wear a mask and a face shield every time you step outside your door.