Forgetting a single password sturdily influences your digital life. Without Gmail, you are just stuck with the sad reality that you cannot access any of your data that was saved by you digitally and all the free cloud services are just stopped functioning due to that single password. Although you don’t have a human intermediate in between still you can recover the password and re-access all the services that were not available due to lost password.

Everything is stored digitally to ease the difficulties of managing it manually. But what if, you just forget that one password that eases your access to everything that was stored by you for years. You rely on your Google account for almost everything, from sharing official mails to accessing photos saved on Google photos, from Google Drive to your social media accounts; almost everything is locked.

Forgetting a password might cost you a lot as it totally disturbs the routine of those who don’t have any idea of handling account recovery. While creating the Gmail account you are just asked a few questions that you thought were just a wastage of time for you are actually going to help you in recovering the account. The Gmail account set up with a linked phone number and alternating email id for email recovery is actually going to help you.

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Not to worry! Just follow these simple steps to recover your Gmail password.

How to recover a forgotten Gmail password?

Recovering Gmail Password using verification Link

1.      Make certain you have an alternative email address specified during account creation for your Gmail account.

2.      Click Forgot password on Gmail log-in page.

3.      Type your full Gmail email address over Enter your email tab

4.      Click Next.

5.      You will be asked about the last remembered password.

6.      Enter the last remembered password and click next

7.      A verification code or a resent link will be sent on your alternative email id.

8.      Follow the link in a message from Google sent to the email address to reset the password to the Google Account.

Recovering Gmail Password via SMS

Users keep on using the same old techniques of recovering Gmail passwords. Gone are the days when you had to rely on an alternative Gmail id and password to regenerate access to your primary Gmail account. Users can now use their linked contact numbers as Gmail Account Recovery Number and can easily access their Gmail account in less than 10 minutes. The process to regenerate access to your Gmail account is easy and reliable. 

Steps to Recover Gmail Password via SMS:


1.      Go to official Gmail site and enter your email address and then enter your email address that password you want to recover.

2.      Click Next.

3.      Now Click on Forgot password?

4.      On the next page, your last password will be prompted.

5.      Click on the Try another way option on the left-hand side.

6.      Click on Send code option.

7.      You will receive a verification code on the verified contact number linked to your Gmail account via SMS.

8.      Enter the received verification code and then click on the Submit.

9.      Create a new strong password and re-enter it to confirm.


The above mentioned procedures are the most common and basic procedures to regenerate access to your account. There exist a lot more alternatives other than these procedures.