Choosing a career in commerce can be a lucrative choice in terms of scopes and perks. After completing your B.Com course, you will find exceptional options to enhance your career. Your skills will be employable in almost all the companies in different industrial domains. In fact, every management department of a company or an organization needs the assistance of commerce experts. This is why your decision of choosing one of the BCom colleges in Mumbai is ideal. Here is what you can do after completing your B.Com course from the top college in the city.

Career choices for B.Com grads

1. Business management

One of the prime career choices made by commerce graduates is business management. They either go for finance-related MBA programs or pursue specialized management programs related to portfolio, banking, etc. Pursuing a management course in any special domain will prove to be very fruitful in terms of future scopes and remuneration. Once you are done with your BCom courses in Mumbai, you can scout for such management courses and find the best one suiting your need. Learn the future prospects of all these management careers and then choose one.

2. Chartered Accountancy (CA)

There is no need to explain what CA is. It is a daunting task to crack the CA-level exams and to become a professional chartered accountant. Life after crossing the hurdles of CA is smooth.  Your skills and responsibilities will bring a good future ahead. All you need is to remain dedicated to your dream to become a CA. Your foundation course will help you in this venture.

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3. Company Secretary

You can also pursue an advanced course for Company Secretary and play pivotal roles in a company’s organization. It will be your responsibility to make crucial decisions related to finance and other resources. For this, you will have to complete the foundation course first and then pursue this advanced course at your convenience.


This is a master’s level course where you will have to choose a specialization to develop industry-specific skills. These special skills will then be employed by the top companies. You will also become eligible for different high-level jobs.

5. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

This is also a special domain where you need to prove your financial analysis skills. You will have to prepare for designated exams and get the certification. The certificate will prove your CFA skills and will provide a gateway for brilliant opportunities in the market. The knowledge you gather from one of the BCom courses in Mumbai will play as the prime foundation of the course.

6. Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

This is another choice of career where you can get certified after successfully completing the course and acing the exams. It covers two segments: financial management and management accounting. To become a CMA, you will have to make your foundation strong.


As you can see, all the career options for the commerce grads depend on how they have developed their conceptual foundation. This is why you must choose the best college for pursuing one of the BCom courses in Mumbai for better conceptual development.