I know how devastating you will be feeling after buying an expensive carpet that doesn't last too long. Maybe small holes which are present in your carpets are destroying its beauty or it can be some small part which got burnt. Worry not you won't have to pay huge amounts in hiring professionals for such small tasks. One can easily save some bucks by doing these easy tasks at home. So, One can easily fix small damages of burn marks, small holes, or fabric coming out from the carpet. 

The amount you are spending for repair may affect your budget if the damage on your carpet is in a large area as professionally can charge you extra bucks for this. Doing this by yourself can help you a lot in maintaining a proper budget.

If you need an answer to this question in simple words: Is it easy to repair your old carpet and the answer to this is yes you can easily repair Carpet. All you need to do is follow the carpet repair steps which are below:

  • How easily I can fix my carpet.

If you want to fix your carpet instantly that too easily then you should follow these steps mentioned below. 

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Step 1: The first step to fix your old carpet begins with inspection. All you need to do is properly examine and inspect your carpet from top to bottom everything which is present on it like color, pattern, and fabric. This is the most initial stage to fix the old carpet. If you don't follow the steps properly then it can cause problems in other coming steps or fixing your carpet.

Step 2: Take a fabric which is matching your carpet. You can easily get it from your wardrobe and apply some creativity to fix all those burnt marks and spots. Stitch that cloth in such a way that it looks exactly the part of your carpet. And is matching with the pattern and color. Pro tip: Always stitch this piece of cloth from the backside of carpets. So, As it can avoid looking odd and can be replaced easily without leaving any marks and spots.

Step 3: This is exactly the same as the first step which you have carried out with cleaning your carpet. All you need to do is again examine your carpet after stitching. Is it matching with your carpet or is it not spoiling the whole vibe?. So, This is a very important step as it will determine how creatively you have worked on your carpet.

Step 4: To finish your carpet and give it a finishing touch this step is the most important step. So, All you need to do is give some finishing touch to that part of your carpet which is attached to cover all small holes and spots. 

Following these steps can not only give your carpet a newer look but will also revive