There is a gamut of reasons possible that cause the Epson printer won't print black. Whenever you try to look for the solution to such issues, first you need to find the exact cause of the issue. Epson won't print black is a common issue, and therefore it has numerous solutions to resolve it. Among all the causes, the printhead is one of the most common reasons that cause the issue. Below we have discussed some of the best and simple solutions that can help you to get rid of the Epson printer won't print black issues.

Methods to get rid of Why My Epson Printer Won’t Print In Black issue:

The first thing you need to do is to clean the printhead; Epson Printer has an efficient method of doing this. You don't have to clean it manually; you can use the automatic process for that.
  • So, before you start, just make sure that your printer is not showing any sort of error on its LCD screen.
  • Now, if everything is fine, then press the Home button and then select Setup front the given options. Inside the setup, you need to select the Maintenance
  • After that, select the Printhead Nozzle Check, and your printer will produce a page with four color grids on it; this will show which nozzle is blocked and which are working fine.
  • If you see no gaps, then select done, and if the gaps are present, then click on Clean the Printhead.

This is the simple process you need to follow, but remember, do not turn OFF the printer while cleaning the printhead. This process can also help to resolve Epson printer error 000033.