We hear a lot about how dangerous are plastic cotton buds for animals and our environment. The fact is that they are one of the most polluting oceans. Today we do not need to use cotton buds plastic, there is a more environmentally friendly option - bamboo cotton buds.

This is a much better alternative to cotton swabs plastic pollution. Bamboo Cotton Rounds can be used for many purposes. Not only can you easily clean your ears and apply or remove make-up but also clean hard to reach places such as keywords from your laptop. All products are made from organic and biodegradable bamboo and cotton, so cotton buds will naturally decompose. If you're buying Bamboo Cotton Rounds, choose a product in packaging that is fully recyclable, for example in cardboard or recycled paper box.

After use, dispose of it by throwing them into the organic waste.

We only use 100% organically grown Moso bamboo. This bamboo grows at least 3 feet a day, making our products extremely SUSTAINABLE. Unlike competitors based plastic toothbrush with a handle which can take hundreds of years to decay, we will decompose bamboo handles back to earth within 2 years.

Do you hear, plastic-stemmed cotton buds were banned in the UK? Yup - it's the next step that is being taken by the Government in an effort to reduce single-use plastic waste unnecessarily.

Fortunately, you will not have to live where the shoot-less. Eco-friendly bud makers, such as Pura Source, here to provide an eco alternative to traditional bud. they stemmed Bamboo Cotton Rounds to clean our environment - as they cleared fault our makeup and our ears!

First, the microbeads are prohibited. Now, plastic-stemmed cotton buds, along with plastic-fiber wet wipes, plastic stirrer, and a plastic straw, it is planned to disappear from our shelves in 2020.

The reason small disposable plastic items increasingly chop, in front of things like plastic-wrap and plastic bags, as they are very difficult to remove from wastewater. This graphic by BBC explains the process well. And after my experience of the paddle-boarding-plastic-garbage-picking with Plastic Patrol, I very well can tell you that the level of plastic in our waterways is really, really terrible.

One of our goals is to protect and bring awareness. We provide 10% of the profits go back to the giant panda conservation relief efforts. By protecting your mouth you protect the planet. Time to brush carefully.