The beautiful Antelope Canyon is one of the USA’s most impressive natural attractions. Located on Navajo land in Arizona, many people flock to the area to join a tour that allows them to experience the magic of this site for themselves. We’ve put together a guide on everything you need to know about visiting Antelope Canyon, including the best time to visit.

Getting to Antelope Canyon

The closest airports to Antelope Canyon are Flagstaff and Page, although both of these are small regional transport hubs that have limited services. If you are coming from an international destination or looking for a broader range of flights, you can land in Las Vegas or Phoenix. These are the closest international airports to Antelope Canyon, however each is five hours away.


If you are headed to Antelope Canyon from an international destination, you will need to pass through border security upon arrival to the USA. This will require you to meet certain criteria depending on your nationality.


For some nationalities, an ESTA will be needed to enter the country. This is an electronic check that is eligible for some nationalities and will ensure that you meet entry criteria for the USA. The ESTA application process is relatively easy and completed entirely online. We recommend making your application weeks before you plan to travel in case there are any problems that need to be addressed. Nobody wants to be rejected entry or boarding because they have forgotten their relevant paperwork!


Once you have done your application for an esta check status before you travel via the online portal. This is also where you can get a copy so that you have it for your records. Keep a copy of all required documents on hand as you navigate through the airport. You never know when you will be asked to present it.


If you’re wondering ‘how long does an esta last, the answer is two years. During this two-year period, you can use the same ESTA to enter the USA on multiple, separate occasions. 


Some people may not be eligible for an ESTA and therefore will have to apply for a traditional visa or meet other entry requirements. It is best that every traveler do their own research with reputable sources to identify the requirements that apply specifically to them.


Where to stay in Antelope Canyon

Once you’ve figured out how to get to Antelope Canyon, you’ll need to find a place to stay. Here are some options to help you plan your trip.

Towns near Antelope Canyon

Page is the closest town to Antelope Canyon, which is located 10 miles away. This is the most popular base for visiting Antelope Canyon. Day tours can be joined from Las Vegas or Phoenix, although it is likely to be a long and tiring day given the distance.

Antelope Canyon Resort

The most popular resort near Antelope Canyon is Amangiri. Located in Canyon Point, Utah, this 5-star hotel offers ultimate luxury. Boasting a range of high-end suites and villas, you’ll have access to stunning desert views and a spa. Visitors should expect exceptional food, service, and facilities, although take note that it does come with a high price tag.

What to Wear to Antelope Canyon

The best clothing to wear to Antelope Canyon will depend on the time of year that you are visiting. You will be exposed to harsh desert landscapes, meaning you are likely to experience harsh cold in winter and sweltering heat in summer.


If you visit in spring or summer, it’s best to wear a T-shirt and long pants, even when it’s really hot. It will help to protect your skin, especially your shoulders. A good hat is also a necessity to protect yourself from the sun, and we recommend sunglasses and sunscreen too.


For winter and fall visits, it is best to wear layers. While the temperatures can be a bit more mild than in other areas of the USA, it can still get very cold in Antelope Canyon. Wearing a few layers with a warm jacket will allow you to remove outer layers if you become too warm.


Sturdy shoes should be worn all year round to keep you safe as you navigate Antelope Canyon.

Other Things to Do Near Antelope Canyon


Looking to fill your trip itinerary? There’s a range of other activities you can do near Antelope Canyon.


  • Horseshoe Bend - The iconic Horsehoe Bend is only located 10 miles from Antelope Canyon. You’ll definitely want to see this stunning site if you are in the area!
  • Lake Powell - Situated on the border of Arizona and Utah, Lake Powell is a popular attraction for those visiting Antelope Canyon. Known for the impressive Colorado River, Lake Powell is the perfect place to get outdoors.
  • Navajo Village Heritage Center - Antelope Canyon is a deeply spiritual site located on Navajo land. Learn more about the history of these people and the area at the Heritage Center, where you can observe cultural dance, take a tour and enjoy different exhibitions.

Antelope Canyon should definitely be an inclusion on your USA bucket list. If you are wondering where to go on your next vacation, consider making it top of your list!