An exterior sign is a significant business investment that helps to get your business noticed. There are many types of exterior signage, from monument signs to storefront signs, but one sign is universally accepted and can be used for many businesses throughout the Greater South Australia Area. This sign is both a panel and Post Signs.

Panel and Post Signs

Panel and post signs are named after the two main components of their sign: their panels and their posts. The panel's post is the vertical beam or pole that houses it. The sign is actually the panel. 

Panel signs and post can be used outdoors. The panels can be either tall or small depending on their location and surroundings. They are often double-sided so people can see it from all directions. You can have different graphics each side of the panel.

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Signage Creation for Panel and Post Signs

Signage made of post and panels can be very effective. However, a lot depends upon the size of your panel. Your business name and other details should be clearly displayed on the panel. A well-sized sign and panel will be impressive. However, if the sign is too small it will make the words difficult to read from the street. 

You need to make sure that you balance your space with what you have. It will not look right to place a large sign on a small area of land. The posts should also be large enough to support the panel.

You can make panels for a sign or post with different materials, such as aluminum, foam core and medium density overlay, or even PVC. 

You can use any combination of fonts and graphics on the panels, depending on your needs. You want the text to be large and bold enough to be read from afar, just like any other sign. Post and panel signs can be used by any business or organization. Common places to find post and panel signage include:

  • Schools and University Campuses
  • Hospitals
  • Business parks
  • Shopping malls

Most panel and post signs are permanent signage that is used to identify places such as loading docks, parking lots, and emergency wards. However, you can design a panel and post sign with the added benefit of being able to swap out the panel to convey a new message. Post and panel signs are also suitable for seasonal messages, annual events and recurring sales.

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