As a startup, perhaps the most important question that you should ask yourself is what is your growth strategy? Are you just getting started or preparing to supercharge your growth in the next 12-18 months?

The primary goal of any startup is to grow and develop, and in order to do this, you'll need an effective CRM solution.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is largely viewed as crucial for the success of medium and large-scale companies. However, that is not the case. CRM is equally critical for startups, even before they go online.

Do you believe it is better to maintain everything in an old-fashioned file system and keep all leads or connections in an excel sheet?

Whether you work in healthcare, government services, hospitality, or any other industry, everybody is thinking about digital transformation. While digital transformation is on top of the mind for most organizations, it is certainly not a cakewalk. 

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Large corporations have a lot of capital and resources to invest in digitalization. But what about growing businesses and start-ups? While it may seem harder for them, but there are still ways for startups to accelerate their digital transformation journey. 

Microsoft Dynamics isn't only for big, established businesses; small businesses and startups can leverage many extraordinary benefits too. Microsoft Dynamics is a robust, cost-effective, flexible system that can be scaled to meet the needs of any business. The advantages of using Microsoft Dynamics for startups are detailed below. However, let’s first take a look at some of the common problems faced by startups and small-sized businesses. 

· Lack of stability: 

Small businesses often strive to save money or spend the budget on the most essential things that they cannot get for free. As a result, the likelihood of using purpose-built tools/software is slim.

Rather than investing money in a robust solution, they try to come up with their own solutions using the tools they already have. However, companies often deal with a wide variety of problems, such as various types of software, multiple programming languages, and so on.

To design their own custom solutions, employees must learn new tools on a daily basis. But this has an effect on the overall performance of employees or teams, particularly if they have a small team and limited time to complete a large number of tasks.

· Loss of Traction: 

It is critical for startups to seize any opportunity that comes their way and keep track of all possible leads. It's also important to maintain contact with current clients while also expanding the client/customer base.

If the startup does not have a proper CRM or other in-house systems that perform the basic functionalities of a CRM, it would cost them more than investing in a CRM system. 

· Improper Implementation: 

While small businesses are willing to invest in purpose-built software, most likely they end up purchasing and implementing a product that isn't a great fit for them.

The key is to partner with a Microsoft Dynamics Expert that understands your business, storage, licensing needs, and implements tools and solution that work best for you industry vertical. 

Key Benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics for Startups 

· Increased Customer Retention 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a range of customer service features that can assist with both customer acquisition and retention. Customer retention is much less expensive than acquisition and leads to a stable financial base on which a business can build upon. The quicker a startup can attract customers and retain them, the faster it can grow. 

Increased agent productivity, omnichannel servicing, self-servicing, and field servicing are just a few of the main Microsoft Dynamics benefits. Besides, your staff will be able to serve your customers wherever they are, and your customers will be able to contact your employees through multiple well-integrated channels. 

· Improved Sales Performance

With a small team of skilled and committed individuals, lean startups regularly chase leads and procure sales. Microsoft Dynamics CRM empowers each employee with the ability to reach out to more prospects in less time. Increased sales performance correlates directly to more dollars in a startup's fund through social selling, opportunity management, and mobile sales solutions. Microsoft Dynamics provides advanced sales intelligence and analytics algorithms, as well as a full content collaboration framework, to help the sales team make the most of their time.

· Integrated Software Solutions 

It's important for everything to run smoothly in a startup. A startup can integrate virtually every aspect of their business with their Microsoft Dynamics platform, rather than having to develop proprietary systems or deal with disparate software solutions. Microsoft Dynamics seamlessly integrates with Office 365, SharePoint, Outlook, and all other Microsoft Business Solutions. This eliminates gaps and redundancies while also reducing the amount of money invested on administrative, repairs, and troubleshooting hours.

Startups rely on innovations, and many believe that the best way to level the playing field between themselves and established competitors is to leverage cutting-edge technology. The advantages of Microsoft Dynamics mentioned above are some of the easiest ways for a new, lean business to catch up to the competition.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to change the pace and growth of your business operations, connect with DynamicsSmartz to realize the business benefits of using a robust CRM solution.

Auhtor Bio:Shawn Sauve is the Vice President and Global Dynamics Practice Lead at DynamicsSmartz – Microsoft Gold ERP and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Partner. Shawn has been helping organizations grow by aligning the right people processes and technology both within his organization and for the clients from various industries like Manufacturing, Construction, Financial Services, and Information Technology. He is a strategic thinker and visionary who can see the big picture and focus on key issues to accomplished established goals.