In this day and age, we use the internet daily. Whether you are looking up a recipe to cook for the family or utilizing endless entertainment online, you would like a stable internet connection. At times, you'll face a problem with the network connectivity when trying to attach to the network, like the Unidentified Network no internet access error can come from a spread of sources. If your network card driver is old or corrupted, it's possibly the reason for the Unidentified Network error. Network settings almost like your IP address, your network settings play an enormous role in allowing you to connect to a network and the internet. Incorrect settings will prevent you from making a connection. 

While no sure-shot solution is out there for this, we've compiled an exhaustive list of troubleshooting steps that would help. 

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Steps to Resolve the Unidentified Network

To fix the error of Unidentified Network in Windows 10, the following actions could be carried out. Let us see these methods in detail.

  1. Turn off the Airplane mode.

Windows 10 offers Airplane mode or Flight Mode if you would like to disconnect from all the networks, including internet access. If it's turned off, you need to turn it on to resolve the issue of Unidentified Network no internet access Windows 10.

  1. Update the Network Card drivers

Sometimes the difficulty could be with the Network drivers. Update them and see if this helps. To Update the Network Card Drivers, first, attend Windows 10 Settings then, "Update and Security," and click on the "View Additional Update" link. Check if there's an update available for the network driver. If yes, install it. Then, restart the system and check if the difficulty persists.

  1. Disable the security software temporarily

Most of the time, anti-virus or firewall software interferes with the network connectivity or causes other issues. Unfortunately, anti-virus software is crucial for the system. Still, it might be disabled to see if the network connectivity issues resolve in its absence to isolate the difficulty.

Hopefully, one of the solutions will assist you in resolving the Unidentified Network error in Windows 10. These errors are known to be ill-famed and take a longer time to fix. If you're up for more troubleshooting, check some more suggestions to repair Network & Internet connection problem.