A lot of people tend to think that the bulk SMS services are only useful for the sales staff because their primary purpose is to promote a new product or service, or special offer. But, in fact, that's not all. Bulk SMS messages are not only to be used for the purposes of direct marketing, you can also make use of text messaging in any way. Or the provision of any information, messages, and reminders are just a few of the most popular ways to send bulk SMS messages.

For example, not accounting companies to put all their customers to tell them how they can save money on taxes, as well as a few tips for you. Here are some examples of how different industries can use it for bulk SMS::


Most likely, the most popular method is that of a hospital or a clinic, you can make use of the SMS service is the setting up a snooze, reminders, patient appointments, but here are just a few of the convenient ways of using the TEXT message.

Inform the patients about the results of their research
Patients should be informed to you once the recipe is ready
The cancellation of an event, if the clinician is not available

However, there is another way for hospitals and medical clinics may benefit from the TEXT, and quick to update the records. For example, to find out if your patients quit smoking, whether or not they are eating in their diet, and the sending of a text, that is, patients are able to respond in an easy and convenient way to update the records.

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Schools, colleges, and universities to be able to use it for bulk SMS messaging, to education, to update parents, students, and teachers, and here are just a few examples:

For Parents

Setting an event reminder service for the embedded-day
The provision of information regarding any important notices, such as changes to the schedule or delays in transportation, and schools
Please let us know if there are any meetings or talks for parents
Send a reminder to the parents at night
Please let me know if the reports are to be given to the student

For Students

We would like to inform you about the changes in the class or during the lesson
Please let me know as soon as the school is closed due to bad weather conditions or other threats

You can share your Instagram a paper or exam, results,
Please tell us about the cancellation of the lecture, or, in the absence of the teacher
Send reminders for meetings and conferences of welcoming guests.
Please let us know if you have Instagram, work folders will be done

For Educators

You need to report to all the major meetings
Text of the lecture schedule for the week, every week
Tell them what to do when the school is closed due to bad weather conditions or other threats

Reminders for parent meetings

It is important to always keep in mind that your SMS messages in order to add value; should not have to fret to the general public. So make sure you don't go bad or persistent messages, the other members deny it.

So, no matter what your industry or niche, start with the help of bulk SMS text messages, connect with customers, improve customer service, and keep in touch with your customers. Bulk SMS services are very affordable and easy on the pocket, so get to work, it will not be difficult for you.