With the proper dental care, your teeth can make a difference in how they look and your general health. If the dentist finds any problem in your mouth, you get the proper treatment as soon as possible.

If your teeth have a deep cavity and can no longer be fixed or treated, your dentist would suggest you have root canal treatment. Root Canal Treatment Hornsby is a bit complex and long procedure to feel normal again.


Listing down few points that you should consider after undergoing a root canal treatment

    Manage how you treat your mouth

Once you are done with your root canal surgery, immediately pay attention to how your mouth feels. It is quite obvious that there would be a little pain and swelling, but this can be reduced with time with proper care. You can use an ice pack to reduce swelling and keep your head at an elevation while sleeping.

Plan your meals accordingly, go for a softer diet in the initial days and avoid chewing. If you are a smoker, then avoid smoking for a couple of days.

    Avoid workout for few days

A workout should be a part of everyone’s routine to keep themselves fit and healthy. But if you just had surgery, even if it's a root canal surgery, you need to be very precocious and careful. Avoid working out for a couple of days and seek advice from the Hornsby Dentist about how long you should be staying off from workout.

If you workout, you can bleed out and might feel achy. Do not put unnecessary stress on your body. You can start with a normal walking exercise after you feel the recovery is taking place. Take things at a slow pace until you feel normal.

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    Get enough and proper rest

It is often suggested to take proper and adequate rest while you are recovering. Try to get as much sleep as possible so that you have a quick recovery response to be back to normal life soonest.

Try taking off your daily work routine after the Root Canal Treatment Hornsby, as enough rest is needed to recover better and quicker. Oral surgeries often make you sore, uncomfortable and tired. Just take a few days out of your routine for the rest, as it will be the ultimate gift you can give to yourself for better results.


    Pay attention to how you feel

You won’t feel normal like other days when you have pain after a root canal treatment. But still, look after how you feel all day after you reach your home.

Take a note whether the swelling and pain have started to subside or not after a few days. Also, try considering the reason if you still have pain after a couple of days.

Try to get in touch with your dentist if the swelling lasts a day or two, you have rashes, or the painkillers are ineffective.


    Notice if your crown gives you problems

Once you are done with your root canal treatment, you require a temporary crown in the initial days until the permanent crown is being created. As the crown will be fixed permanently in your mouth, make sure that you feel comfortable with the temporary crown. Notice how it feels when you speak, eat or chew. Please keep track of whether it hurts or some irritation while you eat.

Inform your dentist about everything before you get a permanent crown fixed so that they can resolve issues that are causing problems.

Also, it allows you to make sure that there is no problem with the materials. The crown helps you to have a beautiful smile.



A root canal is considered an investment for your body as it helps maintain your smile for years. People are often scared with root canal surgery, but it becomes much easier with the proper care and guidance. If you have been looking for a dentist in and around your town, Then White Cross Dental is the perfect place for you and your loved one. The dentist team is equipped with advanced equipment and knowledge of general and cosmetic dentistry procedures. They believe in providing high-quality dental care service tailored individually as per your needs and requirements.