Are you looking for a New Jersey collection lawyer? If so, then this post is only meant for you. Here we have listed the top collection lawyers in New Jersey.

For people who don’t know who collection lawyers are, for them, collection lawyers either help you to get the money back that you have lent out or try to safeguard you from harassing creditors. Your attorney can manage all paperwork on your behalf or represent you in court.

As now you come to know about collection lawyers. Let us move a step ahead know about the best New Jersey collection lawyers.

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  1. The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Kimmel

Over 20 years, Jeffrey S. Kimmel, ESQ., has helped small businesses and independent consultants to collect unpaid dues and invoices for products sold and services offered. He has extensive experience and fights hard for his clients in and out of court.

Over the past ten years, he has collected millions of non-compliance benefits from insurance companies throughout New Jersey and New York, which enlists him at position one in the New Jersey collection lawyer list.

  1. Law Office of Stuart M. Nachbar, P.C.

Stuart Nachbar has been representing numerous clients for almost 25 years. He specializes in filing for Bankruptcy in Chapter 11, Chapter 13, Chapter 7, and debt relief. In addition, Mr. Nachbar can assist you with loan modifications to save your home from foreclosure. Also, he worked for the physically challenged and disabled people to ensure they obtain the proper education. His practice areas are bankruptcy, collections, and criminal law.

  1. Karra L. Kingston Esq. Staten Island Bankruptcy Lawyer and New Jersey

Karra L. Kingston Esq. has helped people by getting out of debt. She stepped into the law field as a bankruptcy lawyer and represented many debtors in federal court. Ms. Karra L. Kingston very well understands the complex federal court rules for releasing debt. She provides a free consultation. Her practice areas are bankruptcy, collections, consumer law, and foreclosure defense.

  1. Law Offices of Michael D. Mirne, LLC

In 2001, Michael D. Mirne started practicing law and represented landlords and property owners. He is licensed to practice in all New Jersey State Courts, Federal Courts, and the United States Supreme Court. In 2009, Mr. Michael D. Mirne became a Certified Tax Assessor.

Also, he is considered as one of the primary authorities on Landlord-Tenant Law in New Jersey. His practice areas include collections, estate planning, landlord-tenant, municipal law, real estate law, and tax law.