Sofas are the main piece of interior which every guest and any other person touches and feels. Sofas are the most comfortable seating. They are also popularly known as fabric lounges. But the fabric lounge needs regular cleaning too. The one best method to clean them is by shampooing them.

It will make the fabric lounge beauty stay the same. Cleaning is really necessary as they get dirty and get spots and spills. So cleaning them is a bit of a risky task. Because if anything goes in another direction then more mess can be created. But with the right understanding and study about cleaning you can achieve the goals easily. Follow the basic steps below to understand better.

Method For Shampooing Fabric Lounge

  • Before doing any cleaning process which includes water make sure to vacuum the whole fabric lounge. Because there is always a bunch of dust present beneath the fabric lounge. If the water is directly applied then the dust will make it complicated.
  • After vacuuming, apply the pre-conditioner. It is easily available in the market. Apply it all over the fabric sofa in order to make it clean from every corner. Applying it will help in removing the dust which is not removed by vacuuming. It also removes oil from the fabric lounge which is important for shampooing.

  • Mix a detergent which is basically based on water. No particular detergent is needed. The one which is available in household items can be used.
  • Before applying the whole mixture it is necessary to test the cleanser you just made. For this take a small amount of the solution and apply it on any small spot. To get the perfect results, don't wipe off the solution for around 10 to 15 minutes. You can know if it is good when there is no sign of any colour change in the fabric lounge.
  • The best way to get the shampoo through the fabric lounge more effectively is by using a steam vacuum. As you already know steamer vacuum is greatly efficient in opening the pores of the fabric. So to do the shampooing part. You need to pour the shampoo into the steam vacuum and use it to throw the shampoo through the pores. It will also give benefit when the access shampoo can be removed from this device only.
  • It is advised to repeat the shampooing process till you get perfect results. After repeating it for at least 2 times. Start the drying process. To dry off the fabric lounge, simply turn on the fans. It will take some time but will get completely dried. 
  • If the stains are still visible then you need to repeat the whole process. It will not harm the fabric but follow the exact steps to achieve the goal.

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